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Best Series Injection Mould for Plastic Pallet Making

ABOUT US: Injection Mould Tooling From The CHINA's Expert,Powerfulsky Mould As the premier injection moulding company,we

Tee Moulding Plastic Pipe Tubing Mold Water Piping 2 Cavity Injection Mould

Package Size 61.00cm * 47.00cm * 42.00cm Package Gross Weight 520.000kg Mould Name Tee Moulding Plastic Pipe Tubing Mold

Plastic Injection Collapsible Pipe Fitting 110*75mm Tee Mould

PP Collapsible Fitting 110*75mm Tee Mould High quality with reasonable price Huangyan Jingzheng Mould Co.,Ltd was establ

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