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Building expert explains how to prevent little

Aug 18, 2023Aug 18, 2023

A builder has shared an easy way to fix the pesky problem of mould

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A building expert has explained how to prevent a little-known cause of mould for just £10.

Clive Holland, a former builder, says one part of the home that is often forgotten about can be the cause of mould creeping indoors and causing homeowners a headache. But he says the problem can be fixed on the cheap.

Clive says damp conditions in homes can be caused by issues with guttering, as a blocked gutter can cause damp - and mould - to journey inside. The former handyman, who is now a broadcaster on tradespeople radio station Fix Radio, told The Sun: "Your gutters redirect rain away from your roof and foundations to prevent water damage. But if they become blocked by wet debris, they may not be working properly."

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If a gutter is blocked, rain does not have anywhere to go and can be pushed under roof tiles and into a home. This causes damp and kickstarts the process of mould growing.

But Clive has explained that a £10 gutter guard will stop leaves and other debris from collecting in guttering and blocking the pipe. This will allow guttering to do its job and rain will flow easily.

Amazon sells two rolls of gutter mesh for £8.79, reports the Mirror, while you can get a 10-pack of Floplast gutter guards for £9.99 at Screwfix. Other retailers may have better deals.

And fitting them should not be problem, as Clive explained. "Lay the mesh down and use the pegs to hold it in place," he said. "If you've bought guards, these will often clip together without you needing screws."

The expert also said you can buy a product known as a "bird's nest" or a "balloon" for your downspout, which is the part of the guttering where the water disperses. The product - which can be bought from Amazon for around £9 for a pack of four - will allow water to pass through but will stop debris in its tracks.

Clive said it is important to stop mould from entering a home as it can "cause a whole host of allergies and irritants" and can also "damage belongings." He added: "That's why keeping gutters unclogged is so important, as it can help minimise both damp and mould."

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