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Get set for InnoTrans 2016

Jul 07, 2023Jul 07, 2023

FOLLOWING months of preparation, the railway world is set to descend on Berlin this month for the leading showpiece in the railway exhibition calendar: InnoTrans which runs from September 20-23. Kevin Smith and Dan Templeton are here to guide you though some of the highlights.

Suppliers from around the globe will be out in force to provide a vast shop window of the latest innovations that are set to drive the railway industry forward over the next few years. Indeed, Messe Berlin reports, as it does every two years, that records are set to fall in 2016 with well over 100,000 visitors expected, and 2940 exhibitors - 200 of them making their debut - from 60 countries. Of these exhibitors, 60% are from outside Germany, reflecting the international importance of the event, with leading railway executives and politicians expected to visit the show throughout the four days.

Navigating such a large event is inevitably a major challenge. But fear not, IRJ has done some of the hard work for you in our traditional event preview, and features some of the most note-worthy innovations that will be on display in Berlin. We hope you enjoy the show!

Plasser and Theurer (Hall 26, stand 222) will introduce a newly-developed universal two-sleeper tamping unit for tracks and turnouts. The 8x4 unit combines the flexibility of universal one-sleeper tamping units in split-head design with the increased output of two-sleeper tamping operations. The new unit can control the speed of the vibration drive, saving time by increasing the output in encrusted ballast while reducing maintenance costs. Outside Plasser will show two machines: a TIF tunnel inspection vehicle (Outside track T8/45) and Unimat 09-32/4S Dynamic E(3^) which uses a hybrid drive.

Railshine, France (Hall 23a, stand 708) will display its Global Railway Service-Station concept for rolling stock depots and workshops. The solution is based on its Train Feeding Solutions range and the available features include retractable rigid catenary, locomotive sand filling systems, exhaust fume extraction systems, and an anti-icing system. It also includes a remotely-managed and supervised fuel service station.

The highlight exhibit for Frauscher (Hall 25, stand 232) is Frauscher Tracking Solutions (FTS), a wheel detection and train tracking technology system. The company will also present the new Frauscher Alarming and Maintenance System (FAMS) which allows operators to monitor all of their Frauscher axle counter components at a glance.

Stadler (Hall 2.2, stand 103) will unveil its EC250, which will be one of the star exhibits of this year’s outside track area. The EC250 or Giruno train high-speed train for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) is set to begin operating passenger services through the Gotthard Base Tunnel from 2019. Stadler received a SFr 970m ($US 985.3m) order for 29 11-car EC250 sets in October 2014 and the first few completed coaches will be on display at T8/40. Stadler says the train will represent a new level of comfort for transalpine passengers, with high specifications in terms of acoustics and pressure protection. The train also features low-floor boarding, making it straightforward for passengers to board and alight, including those with reduced mobility, and includes a digital passenger information system which indicates where there are available seats on the train. This low-floor design has also influenced the construction of the car body, which demanded creativity from engineers, particularly in the entrance areas, and for installing sub-systems due to the reduced space available below the floor of the train.

In addition, engineers had to consider the unique challenges of travelling through the 57km Gotthard Base Tunnel, particularly the air pressure, high levels of humidity and 35oC temperatures. A pressure-protected interior, air-conditioning control and air-flow around the pantograph are some of the adjustments made to ensure the train can operate effectively through the tunnel, while the train is designed to continue operating under its own power in order to be able to reach an emergency stop in the event of a fire. While the first few coaches will be on show in Berlin, the first 11-car train will not begin testing until spring 2017, while it is set to undergo testing at the Rail Tec Arsenal facility in Vienna in the second half of next year.

In addition to Giruno, Stadler will show several new trains at the outside track area, including the Flirt EMU for Netherlands Railways (NS) (T9/40), Variobahn tram-train for Aarhus, Denmark (T4/15), and sleeping cars for Azerbaijan Railways (ADDV) (T9/42). The Swiss manufacturer will also display products from its new plant in Valencia, which it acquired from Vossloh in December 2015, including the Eurodual locomotive for British rail freight operator, Direct Rail Services, (T8/43), and Citylink tram-train for Chemnitz (T4/29).

CAF (Hall 3.2, stand 401) will highlight its Civity range of trains at InnoTrans. CAF has continued to expand its European export activities in 2016, particularly in the British market, where it has signed contracts for the supply of Civity UK trains to Arriva UK, First Group, and Eversholt Rail. Civity UK features an aluminium carbody and lightweight Arin bogies, and is available as an EMU, DMU, DEMU or hybrid variant. The train is available in two to eight-car configurations.

Other highlights of the CAF exhibit include its new fully-automated metro train for Istanbul and Santiago de Chile, as well as Urbos LRVs for cities such as Utrecht, Luxembourg and Canberra. The company will also show examples of civil works, electromechanical systems, and driving simulators. Meanwhile CAF Signalling will showcase its ETCS Level 2 system for the Mexico City - Toluca project, for which CAF is also supplying 30 five-car Civia EMUs, which will have a maximum speed of 160km/h.

Škoda Transportation (Hall 2.1, stand 101) will be displaying its new fully air-conditioned ForCity Plus LRV for Bratislava (V/200). Škoda will also show its new Emil Zatopek type 109E electric locomotive for DB Regio (T5/40) which will operate with Škoda double-deck coaches for high-speed regional services on the Nuremberg - Ingolstadt - Munich line from December.

The highlight exhibit for Mersen (Hall 11.1, stand 201) is its EcoDesign third-rail shoe, which employs a new assembly concept that makes it possible to replace only the carbon wear strip allowing the re-use of all metal components and eliminating the need for lead soldering.

ZTR Control Systems’ (Hall 6.2, stand 507) will demonstrate its new ONE i3 solution, a customisable platform which enables companies to introduce complex industrial Internet of Things (IoT) processes. It will also launch its KickStart battery solution in the European market, which uses supercapacitor technology to provide reliable starts and extend battery life. In addition, the company will show its SmartStart automatic engine start-stop (AESS) system.

Eltra Sistemi, Italy, (Hall 2.1, stand 416) will present its new line of RFID card dispensers which aim to increase automation and reduce the need for manual operators. The machines have a re-fill system in order to reduce reloading frequency.

Safety glass is a leading feature of Romag’s stand (Hall 1.1b, stand 205). Romag will showcase a range of customer-based displays featuring body-side windows for Hitachi and Bombardier, and windscreens for Bombardier’s Aventra, Voyager and London Underground S-Stock trains.

AMGC, Italy, (Hall 5.2, stand 228) will display Smir, a low-profile infrared array detector for early fire detection that has been designed specifically for reliable detection of fire on rolling stock. The system relies on an algorithm that quickly detects fire by identifying flames, temperature, and temperature gradient.

International Railway Journal launches IRJ Pro at InnoTrans. International Railway Journal (IRJ) (Hall 6.2, stand 101) will launch IRJ Pro, a new market intelligence product for the rail industry at InnoTrans. IRJ Pro is a subscription-based service, divided into three segments - Project Monitor, Fleet Monitor and Global Rail Tenders. Project Monitor enables the user to access up-to-date information on every known new-build railway project currently underway across the world, including the estimated project cost, the length of the new line, and expected completion date. Similarly, Fleet Monitor enables users to access information on all known current open fleet orders across the world, including the quantity and type of passenger vehicles and locomotives on order, and their expected delivery date. The service will offer subscribers easily-accessible and continuously-updated intelligence on what is happening in the industry, while highlighting potential opportunities for suppliers. This is supported by Global Rail Tenders, IRJ’s bespoke railway tendering service which provides details of active tenders in the rail industry. IRJ’s Sales Executive Chloe Pickering will present IRJ Pro at the IRJ stand and will host regular demonstrations of the platform throughout InnoTrans.

IRJ’s international sales managers, Louise Cooper and Julie Richardson, along with Fabio Potesta and Elda Guidi from Italy, will also be available to discuss IRJ’s other products and services. They will be joined by publisher Jonathan Chalon. In addition, IRJ’s editorial team will have all corners of Messe Berlin covered throughout the four days of the show, reporting live from the event on social media (@railjournal) and posting regular updates on Editor-in-chief David Briginshaw will be joined by Associate Editor, Keith Barrow, Features Editor, Kevin Smith, and News and Features Writer Dan Templeton. The IRJ stand will be managed by Sue Morant who will be available to answer your questions. We look forward to meeting you in Berlin, and introducing you to IRJ Pro.

Thales (Hall 4.2, stand 103) has divided its exhibit into four key highlights around the theme of “Vision 2020”: Security 2020 will help viewers experience how automatic video analytics technology can help improve the security of transport infrastructure, while Maintenance 2020 will show how cloud analytics and augmented reality technologies can improve efficiency and reduce the cost of rail infrastructure services. Cyber 2020 will highlight how to protect critical systems from external attacks using modern tools designed for rail infrastructure protection. Lastly, Thales will demonstrate Ticketing 2020, which includes its TransCity cloud-based ticketing solution, a mobile ticketing application and proximity detection technology.

Oleo (Hall 1.2, stand 310) will launch its new Sentry coupler range which can be supplied in standard and bespoke configurations. The company will also show its range of buffer solutions.

Perpetuum (Hall 2.2, stand 206), with 7000 diagnostics sensors now in service, will showcase its rolling stock and track condition monitoring services for rail assets and infrastructure.

Robel (Hall 26, stand 234) is premiering the Robel 30.73 PSM (O/598,) a hydraulic precision wrenching machine. The company will also display a new infrastructure maintenance system for Cologne Transport (KVB) during the show (T10/47-49.) This includes three track vehicles, two of which are fitted with a 11.5m-loading crane, five trailers with a ballast lorry, two low-floor trailers, a wagon for rails up to 180m, and a trailer with high-pressure purging and vacuum system for underground facilities.

Amberg (Hall 25, stand 314) will launch IMS 5000. The solution incorporates Amberg’s existing GRP 5000 system, which is used for clearance and as-built surveying, with its inertial measurement (IMU) technology to survey relative and absolute track geometry, and to identify objects close to track using laser scanning. Using 3D control points, the system executes topographic surveys without using total station or GPS, allowing the system to measure up to 4km/h.

Egis Rail (Hall 8.1, stand 114), which offers engineering, project management and operations services, will present its portfolio of Virtual Reality technologies. It will also highlight its use of 3D modelling solutions in project design, and its engineering, project structuring and operations services.

Japan Transport Engineering Company (J-TREC) (CityCube A, stand 43) will showcase its range of hybrid technologies, including Sustina hybrid trains.

Pandrol Track Systems (Hall 23, stand 210) will show various solutions for track-related systems including from its subsidiary companies. This includes Vortok’s measure and detect wayside monitoring systems, which include options for continuous monitoring; Rosenqvist’s electric CD 200 rail clipping machines; and Pandrol CDM Track’s QTrack system, which is a one-stop-shop for equipment installations, support and up-cycled environmentally-friendly rubber profiles. Pandrol Electrification will also display its Rigid Overhead Catenary System for tunnels, depots, bridges and rapid battery charging stations, and its complete third-rail systems, which are based on a co-extruded conductor rail. In addition, Railtech Welding and Equipment will display its rail welding equipment and services.

Kapsch (Hall 4.1, stand 415) will show its dedicated railway networks portfolio as well as its latest smart solutions for public transport, which emphasise enhanced cyber security. It will have demonstrations of its IP-based railway communication solutions, including the SIP-based Functional Addressing call. In addition, visitors to the stand will be able to conduct a “security-self-test”.

IntelliDesk, a new design concept for driver consoles which is suitable for a variety of information equipment is the highlight exhibit for Schaltbau (Hall 2.2, stand 102). The company will also show C195x a bidirectional variant of its high-voltage contractor for 1500V and 320A, and its new range of cable connectors: Schaltbau Connections.

Pöyry (Hall 5.2, stand 401) will display its solutions for tunnel construction and equipment, rail engineering and address topics such as surveying and the environment.­­­­­­­­

CRRC (Hall 2.2, stand 310) is set to have a major presence with the company exhibiting for the first time since the merger of CSR and CNR was confirmed in 2015. Among the products that the manufacturer will highlight are its 100km/h EMU for Brazil, electric locomotives for South Africa and diesel locomotives, including its HX range developed in cooperation with EMD. The manufacturer has also promised to reveal several new products for the first time, including a high-speed train.

Getzner (Hall 25, stand 213) will display its range of elastic mountings for turnouts and transition zones which are designed to reduce maintenance costs by balancing out variations in stiffness while reducing the impact of passing trains. The Austrian company will also show its latest under-ballast mats, mass-spring systems and sleeper pads.

Crane and switch renewal systems supplier Kirow (Hall 26a, stand 228) will showcase its solutions for point renewal using the Multi Tasker 910 (T5/43), the Self-Leveling Beam and the Kirow Switch Tilter. It will also display its Multi Tasker 1100 railway crane (T5/43), which Swiss Molinari has purchased for the Awash - Woldia/Hara Gebeya project in Ethiopia.

Parker Hannifin (Hall 10.2, stand 209) will present a range of components and solutions, including air treatment and filtration equipment for pneumatic systems, control valves, and integrated control systems for applications such as pantographs, door mechanisms and couplings.

ABB (Hall 9, stand 310) will present two world premieres: the lightweight traction transformer Efflight, and the next generation battery charger, Bordline BC. Efflight’s technology significantly reduces oil volume, providing notable energy savings for operators and weight reductions for train manufacturers. Bordline BC incorporates silicon carbide technology which enables a compact design, high power density, high reliability and easy maintenance. The charger is compatible with most railway applications and many train batteries. The company will also display its new Enviline withdrawable diode rectifier for dc traction power supplies, modular Conceptpower DPA 120 uninterruptable power supply system, and a high-speed dc circuit breaker.

Cummins (Hall 18, stand 202) will introduce QSK60, a 60-litre engine with Cummins’ Modular Common Rail Fuel system, which is available in outputs ranging from 1723-2013kW and has secured Stage IIIb emissions certification. Another highlight is the QSK95, a 16-cylinder high-speed diesel engine, which was recently certified to meet United States EPA Tier 4 emissions standards.

Highlights of the British Steel (Hall 26, stand 107) exhibit include the SF350 a stress-free heat-treated rail offering wear resistance with low residual stress, minimising the risk of foot fatigue; the ML330, a grooved rail; and Zinoco, a premium-coated rail for aggressive environments.

Hübner (Hall 1.2, stand 211) is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2016, and will host an executive presentation of its latest product developments and services, including a new track geometry recording system which can record the complete physical characteristics of specific track sections. The company will also showcase a real-time testing simulator and acoustical insulation solutions.

SHC Heavy Industry (Hall 9, stand 603) will display vehicle carbodies formed using the company’s roll forming process as well as its welded assemblies for passenger coaches. This includes roof assembly, underframe sub-assembly, and wall sub-assembly parts.

Gummi-Metall-Technik (Hall 9, stand 625), a specialist in rubber-to-metal bonded suspension components and systems, will highlight the performance and progress of its MERP wheel set axle-protector, which the company launched at InnoTrans 2014.

As well as its portfolio of freight and passenger locomotives, GE Transportation (Hall 6.2, stand 501) will showcase its Digital Solutions software portfolio, including the GoLinc platform, which converts any locomotive into a mobile data centre and creates an edge-to-cloud-enabled device.

Moxa (Hall 4.1, stand 320) will present Vport 06-2 and VPort P16-2MR series rugged IP cameras for onboard CCTV applications. The cameras support 1080P HD video and are EN 50155 certified. Moxa will also show its two-wire ethernet technology, which supports upgrades to an IP network using existing wiring, and its new ioPAC 8600 all-in-one controller which combines serial, I/O, and ethernet interfaces in a single device.

European Railway Industry Association (Unife) (Hall 4.2, stand 302) will host a full programme of presentations and discussions during the show, including the signing of a memorandum of understanding on ERTMS on the Tuesday morning, and a presentation on the Fourth Railway Package later in the day. The Shift2Rail programme, Unife’s digitalisation strategy, and various research projects will also be discussed.

In addition to an extensive indoor exhibit Alstom (Hall 3.2, stand 308) will show two vehicles at the outside track area: its new “zero-emissions train” (T6/40) will break cover for the first time following a project agreed in 2014 with the German states of Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg, and the public transport authorities of Hesse. The company will also display its H3 Hybrid shunting locomotive (T1/16).

Hitachi and Johnson Controls’ joint-venture, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning (Hall 3.1, stand 337) will display its scroll compressor as well as an expanding line up of R407C/R134a horizontal and vertical scroll compressors, including inverter-driven models.

Sécheron Hasler Group, Switzerland, recently acquired a 60% majority share in Saira Electronics, Italy and both companies will exhibit in Hall 6.2, stand 218. Their highlight exhibit is the newly-developed Hasler EVA+ data management and evaluation software. The solution combines ETCS and national data evaluation, voice and front/rear view data evaluation, GPS tracking, data comparison into a single web-based software.

Safety controllers for applications including interlockings, level crossings and rolling stock will be at the forefront of the HIMA (Hall 6.2, stand 406) exhibit, including the company’s HiMax and HiMatrix which have Cenelec SIL 4 approval.

Loccioni Group (Hall 26, stand 131d) will showcase its Felix Robot which the company says is the first mobile robot capable of carrying out measurements on points, crossings and track.

Aucotec (Hall 6.2, stand 102) will launch its new configuration concept for rail vehicles. The Advanced Typical Manager (ATM) based on Engineering Base (EB) software provides a centralised management system for complicated route and cross-border operations. The user can change data entries at a single point, which appears immediately in both a graphic and list format, and shows a representation of the changed object at each point in the process.

Turbo Power Systems (TPS) (CityCube A, stand 225) will showcase its auxiliary power supply (APS) products, including for monorail projects in Riyadh and São Paulo. Among the features of the APS is a liquid cooling system designed as modular line replaceable units (LRUs), power modules, and extensive diagnostic and data logging facilities. TPS will also highlight its at-seat power supply products.

Max Bögl (Hall 26, stand 227) will display its proven slab track system, Feste Fahrbahn Bögl (FBB), which is suitable for high-speed applications. The company will also show its mass-spring systems for reducing noise and vibrations.

Lütze Transportation (Hall 6.2, stand 203) will present the new Lütze solid state relay which is able to outperform conventional relays by switching inductive and ohmic loads to up to 7A. The component is suitable for all control cabinets and is available in two versions: with a control voltage of 24-110V dc and secondly with 72-110V dc.

Scheidt & Bachmann (Hall 2.1, stand 203) will demonstrate its updated ticketing solutions for public transport, including a world-premiere of its ID-based ticketing system. The system utilises a Be-in/Be-out concept based on ID-based ticketing and is compatible with smart cards, NFC devices, or credit cards. Be-in/Be-out is reliant on a cloud-based database, enabling centralised management of all systems and straightforward introduction of new features.

Lapp (Hall 10.1, stand 103) is making its first steps into the European rail market and will show various cables and connections, including its original Öflex train cables, Unitronic data network cables, Etherline data communication systems, Epic industrial connectors, Skintop cable glands and Fleximark marking systems.

Among SKF’s (Hall 22, stand 606) exhibits is its new class of wheel tapered roller bearing units (TBUs), which are designed to run for 1.7 million km between overhauls thus matching typical wheel replacement intervals. The company will also display its new Centrifugal Lip Seal that switches between contacting and non-contacting sealing modes in wheelset bearing units.

SelectraVision, Italy, (Hall 5.2, stand 312) will show its WheelCheck system which uses lasers and high-speed cameras to analyse train wheel profiles at up to 150km/h in order to prevent train derailments. It will also display its 3D obstacle detection system which uses a 3D laser scanner to measure the position and the size of any object in a detection zone at level crossings, station platforms and in front of trams.

KLW (Hall 21, stand 508) will present a range of new products and additional services for customers, including its CNC machining centres, which are suitable for finish machining of wheel bores and can undertake various types of web drillings. KLW will also show its new rough machined railway axles and new wheels which meet AAR standards.

HTV (Hall 11.1, stand 231) will show its capabilities in long-term conservation and storage by presenting its TAB platform for electronic components of up to 50 years. It will also show HTV Revivec, a product for the removal of oxidation and impurities from component connections, and HTV-NovaTin, which offers highly-durable retinning of electronic components to restore solderability.

Lucchini (Hall 21, stand 401) will exhibit various solutions including wheels, axles, wheelsets, anti-ballast protection, and noise damping solutions. The Italian company will also show castings and forgings for heavy industry applications such as oil and gas, power generation, and high-tech engineering.

MAN (Hall 18, stand 218) will present an extended portfolio based on the D3876 six-cylinder engine as well as the downgraded version of its previously most powerful 12-cylinder D2862 prime mover. MAN Engines will also display its modular exhaust gas after-­­­treatment system which will comply with future emission standards.

Greenwood Engineering (Hall 23, stand 606) will highlight its MiniProf Wheel, rail and brake contact measurement system. Miniprof supports Bluetooth, and the company says the solution offers fast, reliable, and high-quality profile measurements. The system is also available with Envision, a complete data analysis toolbox.

A full-size working jack will be the centrepiece of Mechan’s (Hall 2.2, stand 206E) exhibit. The jacks are suitable for all types of rail vehicle, including high-speed trains and heavy on-track plant. The British manufacturer will also demonstrate its Megalink control system, which enables synchronised control of an unlimited number of jack units.

Fraunhofer IPM (Hall 23, stand 206) is presenting its new contactless Contact Wire Inspection System (CIS) which records the vertical and horizontal position and wear of up to 10 contact wires at the same time and can operate at up to 350km/h. The company will also exhibit its laser and camera-based railway measurement system, Clearance Profile Scanner (CPS), for measuring clearance profiles, and small and lightweight laser-based measurement systems for use on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

The French Pavillion (Halls 3.2, 11.2 and 26b) will feature five companies from the industrial and high technology fields:Centralp, which specialises in embedded electronics, CIM, a group specialising in rolling stock maintenance, Corys, which designs and manufactures driving simulators, Flertex, an expert in brake linings and brake shoes, and Nexter Electronics, embedded electronic systems engineering professionals.

Saft (Hall 15.1, stand 205) is launching a new remote battery monitoring solution Comm Batt, a new Internet of Things (IoT) service which combines remote, wireless real-time data monitoring and collection with modelling algorithms to help rail operators transition to a predictive battery maintenance regime.

Vossloh’s (Hall 26, stand 310) exhibit is divided into three key themes: solutions to protect against noise and vibration, efficient availability of tracks, and long-term reduction of costs across the complete lifecycle. Among the exhibits that will showcase these capabilities are its highly-elastic rail fastenings, vibration damping rail pads, intermediate plates made from cellentic, and its High Speed Grinding technology for preventative rail maintenance. The company will also launch a dowel-bolt combination, which promises to extend the life of concrete sleepers. From its Transportation Division the company will show lightweight bogies; and diesel locomotives DE 18 (T1/29) and G 6 (T1/28). Vossloh Kiepe will show a new CO2 air-conditioning system, while Vossloh Locomotives will launch a new engine management system, which can restrict power output and save energy. Visitors will also be invited for a multimedia tour of the new Vossloh locomotive factory in Kiel-Suchdorf.

Flexicon (Hall 2.2, stand 206) will launch a new flexible conduit fitting for rail electrical and data installations that require uninterrupted supply. The one-piece Flexicon Ultra has all-round teeth providing a tensile strength of up to 70kg and high levels of anti-vibration and shock protection performance.

Mios Elettronica, Italy, (Hall 6.2, stand 307) will exhibit a new Train Real-time Data Protocol (TRDP) solution for its portfolio of train communication networks and train control and monitoring systems for items such as crash-protected memory modules, event recorders, vehicle control units and door controllers. It will also launch a programmable logic controller language feature on its RIO and MVB-ETH converters, and a gigabit ethernet solution.­

Voestalpine (Hall 21b, stand 210) will present several world premieres, including interactive rail lifecycle cost tools, which can help infrastructure owners assess the relative cost of different investment and maintenance strategies. The company will also display a new range of heat-treated hypereutectoid rails based on the steel grade 400 UHC HSH, and the iSwitch intelligent point machine, which has a wireless and battery-powered device to monitor comprehensive data inside the machine and send it to the Roadmaster server. The PHS1601 point heating system will also make its market debut along with the UNIAC2 axle counter.

NEM Solutions (Hall 21, stand 509) will launch Aura Desk, an intelligent workstation which combines economic and technical data of a fleet’s health, and can help users to quickly identify and monitor existing problems. In addition, with the generation of smart data from components, users are able to understand key data from their fleets which can inform the decision-making process.

TE Connectivity (Hall 12, stand 210) will show a prototype of a new generation modular roofline system, a solution which transmits electrical power from the catenary to the traction transformer and includes components such as the pantograph, surge arrestors, circuit breakers, power cables, insulated bushings and metering transformers. TE will also highlight its products and systems for trackside, power and signal, and cable identification.Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) sensor supplier g Iris (Hall 2.1, stand 418) will show its Irma Matrix sensor, the most recent generation of Iris’ APC sensors. This new generation system is based on 3D distance measurement and can detect the real contour of passengers for accurate and reliable counting. In parallel, Iris can also offer a bicycle counting solution.

Strukton Rail (Hall 26, stand 235) will display its range of traction converters, auxiliary power supply, and train control management systems. The company will also highlight its expertise in infrastructure.

Hitachi (Hall 4.2, stand 304) is focusing its exhibit on its Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, predictive maintenance, and plans for using big data. The event is the first time that Hitachi, Hitachi Rail Europe, Hitachi Rail Italy, and Ansaldo STS will exhibit together. Among the highlights for Ansaldo STS is details of its work at the Ersatt test-track in Cagliari, Italy, where it carried out the first trials of the satellite-based 3InSat project. The system is based on ERTMS signalling standards and uses the company’s Location Determination System (LDS).

Among the infrastructure maintenance and support vehicles that Herzog Railroad Services (HRSI) (Hall 22b, stand 310) will showcase is its new Automated Conveyor Train (ACT) which can be used to stockpile material for crossing work, new construction, shoulder rebuilding, flood work and more. The company’s multi-purpose machine (MPM), road-worthy rail unloading machine, (RUM) and automated tie-down car will also be highlighted.

AZD Praha (Hall 9, stand 302) will present its portfolio of signalling and telecommunications products and systems, including station interlockings and lineside signalling systems and products for ETCS.

LB Foster (Hall 25, stand 220) will showcase its core range of track components along with friction management solutions and engineering technology applications. Products and services, including the Level Crossing Obstacle Detection (Lidar OD) system, customer information touchscreen wayfinders, and the driver-only CCTV system for Crossrail, will be demonstrated. Inside the stand there will be a display screen dedicated to Netpractice’s wayfinding, larger screen passenger information and OIS stations, and a premiere of its unique Arriva fingerprint platform.

Among the highlights for insulation specialist Armacell (Hall 8.2, stand 316) is the Armaflex Rail SD, an elastomeric insulation material which offers improved flame-retardant properties and low smoke density. The material features Microban technology for additional protection against mould. Armacell will also present its Rail SD-C, the first closed cell-insulation material for use in areas requiring the highest hazard level.

Huawei (Hall 7.1b, stand 201) will showcase its latest achievements under its All-Cloud concept. These solutions are designed to help enterprises migrate their IT systems to the cloud, improve resource utilisation and productivity, and extract value hidden in big data platforms. The company will also highlight its all-IP network solutions based on the SDN architecture along with LTE applications for train-to-ground communications and data bearer solutions.ZF (Hall 20, stand 320) will present Zf-EcoWorld, a six-speed transmission system for DMUs, which is designed for a maximum input torque of 2500nm and could offer fuel savings of up to 20%. ZF will also launch a new intelligent transmission concept, which includes sensor technology and data analysis tools to increase the reliability of rail vehicles and corresponding infrastructure. Get2, a new multispeed transmission concept for EMUs will also make its debut, while the company will showcase its aluminium crash absorber.

The centrepiece of the GHH-Bonatrans (Hall 21, stand 506) exhibit is its Bonaxle induction-hardened axle, which the company says will offer significant lifecycle cost savings. The company will also introduce three other new products: Bonasilence, a dynamic noise absorbing system which is being used on Berlin Transport (BVG) U-Bahn cars; GHH Ultra-S a new highly resilient wheel; and a new independent wheel axle for LRVs.

Mida Solutions (Hall 7.1b, stand 203), a specialist in combining railway communications technologies such as GSM-R with the latest VoIP technologies based on SIP and SIP-R standards, will show its new MidaRec system which is based on eLTE broadband and supports all relevant communication technologies. The company will also show Mida Billing, a billing system which is particularly suited to small GSM-R networks.

American exhibitors line up in Hall 22. US associations, Railway Engineering Maintenance Suppliers Association (Remsa), Railway Supply Institute (RSI), Railway Systems Suppliers (RSSI), and the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (Arema) will host 13 companies at the USA Pavillion (Hall 22, stand 310). Exhibitors include: AIC Rail, Emerson Process Management, IEM Corporation, Loram, Rocla Concrete Tie, Therm-Omega-Tech, TransCore, Transportation Technology Center Inc (TTCI), and Williams Hayward Protective Coatings.

Keymile (Hall 7.1a, stand 204) a supplier of mission-critical communications systems, will present the new SECU1 encryption card for its XMC20 multi-service access and transmission platform. The security solution is based on keys generated by a hardware-based quantum random number generator for the highest level of assurance. XMC20 offers a large set of interfaces and transmission technologies within a single chassis and is suitable for GSM-R and LTE-based safety applications.

Rolls-Royce (Hall 18, stand 301) will display MTU-branded rail drive systems at InnoTrans, including the MTU Hybrid PowerPack and EnergyPack as well as the MTU Series 4000 rail engines for use even in extreme environmental conditions (p67.)

Mercedez-Benz (O/234) will exhibit three of its latest Unimog road-rail vehicles, including the Unimog 423, which features a guidance bogie rail gear and long wheelbase for use on tram tracks. The vehicles can also act as shunters, and support rail and overhead cable maintenance, among other activities.

A new operations communication manager is the highlight exhibit for Frequentis (Hall 4.1, stand 318). This web-based smart client application for rail controllers can be used on any device for operational communications. The company will also reveal its new Mobile Observer App.

Nokia (Hall 4.1, stand 216) will showcase its complete fixed and mobile railway communications portfolio, including an LTE end-to-end solution for urban and main line railway operators for both broadband and railway operations; predictive network security for rail communications; connected trains and mobility solutions for railways; and IP/MPLS transmission for railway networks. The company will also present a new customer trial of a single, integrated LTE network for rail operations and passenger communication services.

Schaeffler (Hall 21, stand 402) will show its latest gearbox bearings for high-speed traffic, robust bearing units for axleboxes in freight trains, and cloud-connected condition monitoring systems. Specifically, these systems are used to measure structure-borne sound, temperature and speeds on the axlebox bearings.

Voith’s (Hall 2.1, stand 220) will exhibit several world premieres, including is its new RailPack 400 DE diesel-electric drive system, which is already in use in Chinese track vehicles. The company will also present its new S111 turbo gear unit, which is again in use in Chinese track vehicles, and offers an output of 280kW. In addition, the company will launch its SA3 coupler, which meets the latest crash standards, while it will dedicate a separate area of its stand to electrical propulsion.

Knorr-Bremse strives to improve vehicle performance. Knorr-Bremse (Hall 1.2, stand 210) will showcase various subsystems and networking solutions designed to enhance vehicle performance, including iCOM, a new platform from the company’s RailServices division. The solution offers various apps which share the system’s hardware to help operators to improve component and system management and performance. This includes a new smart component monitoring system, iCom Monitor, which combines measurements and analytical data with diagnostic functions to display the current status and servicing requirements of all the train’s main systems, and can inform preventative and predictive maintenance practices. In addition, iCom Assist and iCom Meter can help drivers to maximise energy efficiency and reduce wear and tear. The company will also show its new modular CCB-3 locomotive brake unit, and CFCB Light a new compact freight train braking system. Selectron will also be present on Knorr-Bremse’s main stand and in Hall 6.2, stand 215 where it will show various products, including the Smartio 110 V which is a remote I/O system of SIL/non-SIL modules that vastly reduces wiring effort within rail vehicles’ Ethernet, CANopen or MVB systems. In addition the system allows peripheral interconnectivity for various signal conditioning I/Os, and analogue I/Os.

Evraz (Hall 26, stand 304) will launch a new type of head-hardened rail developed from a new steel grade, which is suitable for use in extremely low temperatures.

Federal Mogul (Hall 1.2, stand 215) will debut two new products: Expando B150, a protective sleeve for reducing the assembly time for long cables, and Jurid 822 and Jurid 847, composite brake blocks for freight wagons. The company will also show its portfolio of piston rings, industrial bearings and oil and grease seals.

Bombardier (Hall 2.2, stand 101) will promote several new rolling stock platforms, including its Talent 3 EMU for the European market. In addition, the company will launch its Movia Maxx metro platform. With no outdoor exhibits, Bombardier will offer visitors a chance to use its Virtual Reality Lab to get a real-life view of its products including the Movia C30 metro train for Stockholm, its Omneo double-deck EMU, Flexx bogie and Mitrac propulsion system.

Televic Rail (Hall 2.1, stand 401), Belgium, will showcase its real-time passenger information system, which utilises data from operating schedules to offer details of connections with other transport services, weather updates and other bespoke information.

Major railways fill the City Cube. The City Cube will host a number of prominent railways and operators from around the world, including: Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) (B/520), China Railway (A/207), German Rail (DB) (B/406), JR East (A/403), Italian State Railways (FS) (A/209), Locomore (B/203) (p44), Netinera Germany (A/206), Britain’s Railway Industry Association (RIA) (A/225, Hall 2.2, stand 206, and Hall 26, stand 117), Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) (A/314), Russian Railways (RZD) (A/409), Turkish State Railways (TCDD) (A/204), and the Welsh Government (A/225) which will promote potential rail investment in Wales.

Advanced Rail, India, (Hall 6.2, stand 111) is showing a distributed power control system for Indian Railways class WAG9 electric locomotives. The system uses a UHF radio link and is currently undergoing trials on two iron-ore trains, with a locomotive operating at the front and rear. The system works in conjunction with a master-slave radio control system with up to four slaves, the Micas-S2 locomotive control system, and Faiveley’s E70 brake control system.

Gally (Hall 8.2, stand 310) will exhibit a complete range of its Vargal self-locking nuts, which are highly resistant to vibrations, supplied in stainless steel, and feature a new concept spring.

Alta Rail, Brazil, (Hall 7.1b, stand 103) will launch a new product for monitoring train integrity, which consists of an end-of-train device that is installed on the last wagon of the train and connects with another device at the front of the train as well as the brake system. The devices exchange data via a radio link and can quickly detect a break in the train and inform the driver about train integrity, brake pipe pressure and many other aspects.

Autolift (Hall 23, stall 501), Austria, will present its new fully-automatic bogie changing system, which it was commissioned to produce by an Australian mining company. The system comprises four jacks with one spindle each for lifting the bogie and one for lifting the wagon and can automatically raise a wagon and bogie, either together or separately.

Beijing Yan Hong (Hall 23, stand 410) introduces a new YHD-G10 rail milling machine, which is capable of quickly bringing badly worn rails back into shape. The low-vibration machine has a petrol engine and can mill up to 180m of rail per hour. The company will also display YHD-TIC, a lithium battery-powered wrench for fitting sleeper bolts which features electronic monitoring and can install or remove up to 2000 bolts in a single charge.

Among the new products that CN-Consult (Hall 6.1, stand 225) will show is a real-time passenger information system, DiLoc OnBoard, which is augmented by InnoScreen flat-screens, and offers low energy consumption and a maintenance-free layout.

Dr D Wehrhahn (Hall 23, stand 701) will show a measuring system for non-contact detection of the height and stagger of contact wires. OVHWizard can be used on rail, track maintenance and road-rail vehicles.

Dätwyler Sealing Technologies (Hall 25, stand 209) will highlight work in a new project to detect damage during the passage of a train over flush track. The system uses piezo fibres capable of determining pressure, acceleration, tension and force to evaluate the sound induced by the wheel-rail interface with measurements of the recorded energy spectrum enabling defect identification.

As well as its support-point bearings for urban rail track bearings, which reduce oscillations and vibrations, ContiTech (Hall 9, stand 401) will highlight its latest research into digital solutions that provide added value for vehicle operators, including sensor technology which detects and digitally records accelerations and movements within an air spring. It is hoped that this data could provide more accurate assessments of component service life. The company will also show its latest fire protection solutions and non-slip areas for train catering areas and washrooms.

Electrosistemas Bach, Spain, (Hall 25, stall 215) will debut a new generation of SIL-4 axle counters which allow electronic communication between individual track sections and can interact with the line’s power supply. The perks of the new system include redundant communication for high-availability applications and a new signal processing system which enables individual wheel and wheelset detection (GDS).

Elpa, Slovenia, (Hall 22, stand 402) will launch a new wheel flange lubrication system featuring remote data control. The product, known as DryProAnnsys “spray system-ss” can apply a special lubricant to a designated area at a precise time and in adjustable quantities. The system is designed to reduce material wear and energy consumption at ambient temperatures of between -60 and 80oC.

IVU launches integrated data management system. IVU (Hall 2.1, stand 404) will be celebrating its 40th anniversary at InnoTrans, and will show its new IVU.suite application. The solution enables transport companies to store all of their data - from planning and dispatching to operational control ticketing and passenger information - in a single integrated system. Add ons to the system include the IVU.fleet app, which enables dispatchers to control their fleet at all times, even when they are travelling, and IVU.cockpit, which aids driver performance. The IVU.pad will also be on display, which is designed for mobile use and offers a personalised message service and information on upcoming journeys and vehicles. Employees can also use the device to access important documents, enter working hours, submit holiday requests and view messages from dispatchers.

Nextsense (Hall 23, stand 507) is presenting a new handheld device, Calipri Prime, which is designed to measure wheel profiles and uses contactless measurement technology to quickly evaluate an entire wheel profile cross section. The results are available on the integrated screen of the sensor immediately following the measurement process. The company will also present an upgraded version of its Calipri C40 measurement system, which features a new sensor suitable for use in a variety of wheel-rail measurement tasks.Linsinger (O/226, T1/26) will launch its MG11 rail milling train at the show, which is designed specifically for light rail and metro systems.

Production Group (Hall 1.1, stand 403), Italy, will reveal three new products. JRC pantograph is equipped with optical sensors which can identify the precise location on the catenary where anomalies may occur. The company will also show its pre-fabricated system for manufacturing the front end of trains with a plug-and-play design feature that makes it possible to reduce final vehicle assembly costs. Also on display is a lightweight front end which is made from ore-impregnated carbon fibre and offers a weight reduction of 50% compared with conventional materials.

SelectaVision (Hall 5.2, stand 312) will display the new Wheelcheck System which uses laser technology and high-speed cameras to measure wheel profiles at speeds of up to 150km/h.

Prose, Switzerland, (Hall 2.2, stand 207) is set to launch BrakePass at the show, a new automatic system for storing the results of locomotive-hauled train brake tests. The system consists of a test head which is fitted on the brake pipe coupling at the rear of the train, and an integrated app for smartphones which displays results of the brake test and transmits the information to a central database. Prose will also show the bogie developed for Wuppertal’s unique suspended monorail.

Spitzke (Hall 26, stand 236) is set to display a new low-noise safety system for railway construction sites which is a combination of its existing Fixed Barrier and Automated Track Warning System.

MTM Power (Hall 17, stand 208) will premiere its PCMDNI300, a dc-dc converter without galvanic isolation which can be installed as a decentralised power supply in vehicles and for supplying closed subsystems in rolling stock. With a voltage range of 28-15V dc, the converters are suitable for use with 36-100V batteries, and can be operated in temperatures ranging from -40 to 70oC.

TÜV Süd Rail (CityCube Hall A, stand 215) will display a new method for measuring the contact force between the pantograph and the overhead contact line. The system uses arc measurement to record the duration of arcs with a defined light wave length and intensity.

Windhoff Bahn (O/427) will present a twin-axle 100km/h multi-purpose light maintenance and service vehicle (MPV,) which is used for track and traction power supply work. It features a loading crane installed at the back of the vehicle for working on the track and overhead powerlines.

Zaugg (Hall 26, stand 143) will show its new snow plough locomotive which Swedish infrastructure manager Trafikiverket began using on the iron-ore line between Kiruna and Narvik in April. The locomotive is capable of dispersing 7500 tonnes of snow per hour.

Zwiehoff (O/405) will display a new 14-tonne 40km/h road-rail truck which employs technology developed by Müller Technologie, Switzerland, for operation on railways. The vehicle has a loading capacity of up to 4.8 tonnes and cameras are installed to monitor the area behind the vehicle when driving onto and off the rails.

Azimut eMotion (Hall 4.1, stand 205) will display its Azimut Operative Device, an onboard wireless entertainment system that provides passenger multimedia content directly onto smartphones, tablets, notebooks or on-board screens and is capable of reproducing live satellite television and radio on a passengers’ personal device.

Damm Cellular Systems (Hall 6.1, stand 217) is exhibiting its new multi-technology BS422 One Box base station, which combines Tetra, DMR Tier III, TEDS, and analogue technology in a fully integrated system. The solution is capable of handling the higher data volumes required for operating the train’s controls using TEDS and for a train information system.

Herbert Gehrisch Elektrotechnik (Hall 14.1, stand 101) will show its new HE-DC700N door closing force measurement device for use on trains, trams and buses. The device is supplied with individually-sized spacers for measuring the closing force of doors when opened to 50, 100, 200, 300 and 500mm respectively or to customer specifications.

Micronor (Hall 6.2, stand 110a) will show its new compact fibre optic acceleration sensor, the MR660, which measures acceleration at the pantograph and can supply important details about the condition of infrastructure and rolling stock.

Industrial washing specialist Raimondi (Hall 7.2c, stand 104), Italy, will present a new washing brush that can be rotated 180o, making it possible to wash a train travelling in any direction.

Rolen (Hall 3.1, stand 321) will present its patented greywater recycling system for train toilets, which cuts water consumption and the size of water tanks by recycling water used in the wash basin for use when flushing the toilet.

Savvy Telematic Systems, Switzerland, (Hall 4.1, stand 209) is showing its new CargoTrac-ExR telematics unit. The device has been approved for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas and is suitable for use with containers, IBCs and freight wagons.

Init (Hall 2.1, stand 311) will present its ID-based ticketing solution and its Mobilevario platform, which can easily integrate various sales channels and mutil-modal offerings into the ticketing platform. In addition, its Mobilemodi app enables remote operations management using the Android platform, and Departureslive offers real-time passenger information via Android and iOS, which includes an augmented reality feature.

The highlight exhibit for Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) (Hall 21, stand 310) is a new smartphone eTicketing and passenger information application which uses virtual reality technology to distinguish between eight different types of transport: walking, cycling, motorcycle, car, bus, tram, underground, and train.

ASE (Hall 23, stand 301) will showcase NumberCheck, a new camera-based ID system which registers, checks and monitors current locomotive and rolling stock numbers and ensures parallel documentation of status and damage. It will also show TrAbSy, a special application of this system for use in port areas, and an automatic rail freight billing system.

Betonwerk Rieder (Hall 26, stand 237) will show The Rieder 360o, a low-level sound barrier wall which can be installed closer to the rails than conventional barriers making it more effective while also maintaining a clear view for passengers.

Cetest (Hall 7.2b, stand 203) will show their latest railway vehicle and components testing and analysis technologies. Cetest offers services to assist with validation and verification of vehicles and components throughout the entire lifecycle of a product; from the development phase to product homologation, and failure detection/root cause analysis in after-sales operation.

Japanese companies fill Hall 7.2a. HALL 7.2a is organised by the Japanese Overseas Rolling Stock Association (Jorsa) and will be entirely occupied by 33 Japanese companies. Among them is Toyo Denki (Hall 7.2, stand 100), which will exhibit a single-arm pantograph and driving gear unit for high-speed trains. As the largest importer of track maintenance machines, rolling stock equipment and track materials to the Japanese market, Mitsui will demonstrate its expertise as part of the Japanese exhibit in Hall 7.2a, stand 100. Railway Technical Research Institute (Hall 7.2, stand 100) will show a scale model of a train for wind tunnel tests, a train operation and passenger flow simulator, and a vibration suppression system, which is one of its most successful products. Nabtesco (Hall 7.2a, stand 100) will show its products for brake and door systems including its brake operating unit (NIEPV). It will also present its compact calliper, tread brake unit, oil-free scroll air compressor, and Belt Star door operator.

Outside track area highlights. Among the other new rail vehicles on show at the outside track area are Pesa’s (Hall 4.2, stand 303) Link DMU (T4/42), Dart 43 EMU (T4/42) and Tram 2014N for Krakow (T4/10). Croatian manufacturer Koncar (Hall 3.2, stand 309) will display its low-floor DEMU (T7/40), and Solaris (City Cube A stand 302) will show its Tramino LRV (V/615).

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