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Cleaning fan shares 65p hack for removing black mould spots around the shower

Aug 17, 2023Aug 17, 2023

Mould can be dangerous if it's not dealt with, but there's a simple way to banish it from your bathroom.

No matter how frequently you give your bathroom a good scrub, it's not unusual to see spots of mould popping up from time to time.

The damp and warm environment of the bathroom creates the perfect conditions for mould to thrive, especially around the bath or shower areas where it's the wettest.

And as well as appearing in places such as the tiles, grout and taps, mould can also sneak its way into the silicone sealants around the shower screen, and it can be difficult to remove.

However, fans of the cleaning guru Mrs Hinch say that there's one cheap household ingredient that can help to get rid of it - and you may already have it in your kitchen.

The Express reports that one fan took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook page to share her hack that helped her get rid of bathroom sealant mould with "no scrubbing."

“I am by no means Mrs Hinch, but I do like a nice clean bathroom and have struggled with black spot marks on my sealant.

“We saw a post where you place a little bit of bleach on the affected area and place a cotton pad (can use kitchen roll too) over the top and leave.

“After forever trying different cleaning chemicals, I didn’t have a great deal of hope but thought it was worth a try.

"Omg thank you to the person who posted this hack! No scrubbing and no cleaning, just pick up the cotton pads after a few hours and wipe them down. I’m in cleaning heaven. I hope this helps someone else.”

She also added some pictures of her bathroom before and after carrying out the hack. In the before pictures, black mould could be seen all over the sealant, but the after results showed that the mould was gone.

The post received hundreds of comments from other members of the group that had tried the hack themselves and gotten good results too.

One person said: “I did the exact same and wow, it really does work. No more black spots.”

Another commented: “Yeah this works good. I use kitchen roll as it covers a bigger area. Another good one is to use the Astonish Mould and Mildew spray. You spray and leave, it does the same and the mould is also all gone overnight.”

If you don't already have a bottle of bleach at home, it's cheap to buy from the supermarket. You can pick up a bottle for 65p from Asda, or 70p at Tesco and Sainsbury's.

While most people had positive things to say about the hack, one cleaning fan advised being careful where you're using bleach.

They said: “Just be careful of the chrome part of the shower door - I did bleach with cotton wool and it affected the chrome by leaving a mark.”

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